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We are very proud to release our first book!

Hot Tips for Cool Tracks,

a quintessential manual for creating and producing music.


Proud to release our first ever book for you!

How To Produce Clean, Quicker Without The Hassle

Hey all songwriters, producers, guitarists and aspiring musicians!

We’ve been there. Countless hours fooling around and messing in the studio. Tinkering, grinding, trying to perfect the sound. No longer. We’ve taken the guess work out of it for you. A user-friendly manual that will bring your tracks to life, fast. We’ve done the nitty gritty for you. EQ tables and comprehension settings at your finger tips. Save the time in the studio and save on the cost of other guides. Produce cleanly, quickly. Master your sound and have your band get noticed. Get the recognition you deserve with good production. Improved production to put you out front.

  • Save lots of time in the studio.
  • EQ settings quick reference.

  • Compression settings.

  • Get more work done for your time put in.

  • Discover new techniques.

  • A straightforward guide for the beginner or novice.

  • Create a better, cleaner sound to get ahead.

Producer Clean, Quick And With Confidence

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One fateful evening back in ’08, a couple of guys (Duff and Warren) who, until then, simply got together weekly for the fun of playing W’s originals, decided to ‘just build it’ (their own recording studio, that is) and, ‘they would come’. Thus, a full year later, their fabulous, rural, acoustically-designed, dream recording facility, big LITTLE Sound Studio (bLSS) was completed, only a few miles south of Vancouver, Canada, in Delta B.C.

All of WMC’s tunes are, in some way, movers and shakers! Inspired and upbeat, each nuanced  a little differently, some have great doubled harmony lead guitar sounds …à la the ‘Classic Southern Rock’ era, right alongside some oh-so-warm and friendly, pretty serious new Classic Pop/Rock, wondertunes.

​And so now, with a grand ensemble of highly talented players, each with their own extraordinary set of gifts, though separated by some fairly significant new distances, physically, as none of the crew live in the same town any longer and, with much water under the bridge with them all, domestically, since the inception as a group, indeed Walbury Music Collective is only now, after some time since originally laying down their magical tracks together, releasing commercially their, recently remastered debut drops, single by remastered single as they are completed. WMC’s tunes will be available on all of the usual music platforms. 

Presently, Warren has twelve, already recorded, all original, archived WMC tracks simply waiting for their time in a, recently constructed, second new studio up the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia, to be germinated with the use of the latest tips from his own book, Hot Tips for Cool Tracks (as seen for sale here on the Walbury Music website). The twelve tunes, on an album to be called, ‘Good Music’, are all songs sung with Warren’s lead vocals and have musical angels Mark and Andrea, exclusively, as the background singers. The dozen songs which will make up the entire potpourri on ‘Good Music’ should all be finished with the necessary remastering process very soon, now that the new Mastering studio is in full swing. All other mixes herein on the site are those early roughs with which the group saw fit to first test the waters for these tunes and, with that thought benefited by some fairly significant early listening numbers on Soundcloud.